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Today’s entry is inspired by everyday life.

I am doing a lot of relationship and business development at the moment. I speak with potential customers and partners, I try to find synergies and common interests, and I gain understanding about the skillset required to do work with them.

I am finding that I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of my work.

This weekend I am visiting my father. He lives near the seaside.

My father is a caring and warm person. We spent the evening laughing, remembering my grandfather, there were also some tears.

When I am here, I take long walks on the beach. He always walks with me for a while, then turns around and goes back.

There were times before when our relationship was more difficult. However, it was never in danger. My father has a way of somehow showing that no matter what has happened or what will happen, he will always be happy to hear my voice when I pick up the phone.

At 75 years old, he still teaches me and my brothers the simple and important things in life.
It turns out he understands us better than we thought he did.