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When Entrepreneurs have problems

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I have recently participated in a mentoring session for people who want to start their own business.
We invited mentors - seasoned professionals with a passion for transferring knowledge and experience, and who know how to listen.
We also invited mentees - people who seek coaching. They fall into one of these three groups:

  • they are searching for a problem to solve,
  • they are looking for a solution to a problem already defined,
  • they are looking to scale a solution that has already been tested. 

Before the session, I asked the mentees one question:

What is the problem you are currently solving /
challenge you are trying to overcome?

Some of their answers are below:

  • How to find out whether there is a market for my product?
  • How to build a community in early stage?
  • How to find a developer for my startup?
  • How to build a dedicated team around my project? 
  • How to find my first clients?