• Business Development services

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    We specialize in transforming customer challenges into opportunities for growth. We help you develop your business opportunities and operations, engage with your clients, and increase your market reach.

    Whether you're seeking business development actions, client-centric follow-up strategies, or expertly managed social media campaigns, we are here to help.


    Business Development

    Customer Response Management: We address client inquiries through telephone, mail, chat, or face-to-face meetings. By attentively listening to your customers and then documenting challenges, collecting requirements, exploring options, and proposing tailored solutions, we ensure your clients are happy with the response they receive.


    Proposal Writing: We begin with an understanding of your client's needs. We then craft solutions, emphasizing the competitive advantages of your offer.


    Lead and Client Follow-Up: We follow-up on leads and nurture relationships with existing clients to secure repeat business.


    Client Journey Management

    We map out the complete client journey, pinpointing critical touchpoints. We create and implement personalized journey strategies, tailored to your client segments.


    Continuous Improvement

    As we interact with customers, we focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes. We attend to the details of each customer-facing process.


    Social Media Management

    We increase your follower base on platforms like LinkedIn, and we craft and distribute content that resonates with your audience. We are storytellers, and we can write for your community.


    Why choose problem-solving.rocks?

    We have knowledge and skills in customer psychology, marketing, and business development, available in four languages: English, French, Polish, and Spanish. We've established partner and client networks in Europe, Middle East and South America.

    Choosing to work with problem-solving.rocks means opting for a team that knows how to connect your business with the world.

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